Sunday, June 22, 2014

Skip Hill Art @ 

A growing group of international collectors have discovered a new artistic vision through the eyes of Skip Hill. His colorful, sensuous, funky paintings are in homes and private collections around the world. 

Skip Hill uses materials collected from second-hand book stores, and street markets found during his travels and from a large source of assembled images from advertising, folk art, graffiti, Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcuts, Byzantine icons, Buddhism, comic books. 

Skip Hill melds the myriad images of his collective memory and performs a jazz solo of artistic improvisations using paper, paint, found objects and his inate gifts; creating a sophisticated, contemporary Pop folk art in the process. These highly textured, lyrical works confirm the growing buzz among his patrons that Skip Hill is a charming, intelligent new talent whose work has found an enthusiastic emerging audience. The works of Skip Hill are found in public and private collections throughout the U.S., in U.K., France, The Netherlands, Colombia and Brazil.

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