Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Por favor, tenha um pouco mais sushi, Querida!"

Skip Hill Art:  
Ntozake Nozumi Oliveira de Souza Loves Hamachi On the Veranda Overlooking Guanabara Bay
Inks on paper  12"w x 16h"  

"…spent the day 
with Dona de Souza under the mango tree on the veranda of her villa in Santa Teresa.
Que Beleza, as always…resplendent and relaxed in her kimono, her hair dyed pink and coiffed in the 'Mkpuk eba' style of the Ibibio, as we dined on yellowtail sushi, drank 
caipirinhaslistened to Tim Maia and enjoyed the view of the shimmering bay and each other's company."

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