Monday, January 20, 2014

New Art. Skip Hill Studios.

"Sim,.. se você ama, você vai sangrar fúcsia."

Skip Hill, As Namoradas (Ichijku).  Acrylic, inks and collage on paper, 12 x 16 inches. ©2014     

After the popular success of the Under the Mango Tree exhibition, the spirit and flavor of Brazil yet linger in my creative process. Returning to the studio after a break to work on other projects, it's apparent the Birds have migrated and swooped back into the periphery where they chortle, chirp and conspire.   

In these fresh, new "color-juicy" drawings, I return to my favorite subject. 

put pen to paper and begin laying down lines, shaping in smooth ample curves. After a moment, I have a profile, eyes, her nose.  Slowly, her hips swiveling, She enters stage right. She is sweet and sexy, fickle and cruel. She knows Her beauty makes it hard to breathe. I keep drawing.  She cajoles with a gentle breath and whispers to me about real love. She sings me out to the middle of the ocean and goes silent. So kind. So fine. So mean. She lies like a cheap watch as she sucks the smear of lipstick from her teeth. I reach for some purple ink, she grabs the scissors and laughs, "Yes,...if you love, you will bleed fuchsia..."


  1. Sounds like a great romance novel. Nice. More please.

    1. Thank you! More to come, my lovely friend...